St. Paul's Third Lutheran Church

2561 Newburg Road

Easton, PA 18045


Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

We are centered in Christ and called to serve in our community, our nation and the world
     by extending our love and hospitality,
          by accepting others openly and honestly,
               and by demonstrating and sharing the fellowship of Christ.

Upcoming Events

Jan 19



Annual Meeting 

The Annual Meeting will be held immediately following the worship service.

Latest News




Time Capsule 

The re-bural of the time capsule from our 150th anniversary was done after the Sunday morning Worship.   Following the bural, there was a luncheon.





Playoff Canned Food Challenge

Competiton with the Mission District to donate canned food with the challenge to donate at least one can for every point scored in the football playoff games.