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The children of St. Paul's Third sing with the Sunday School each week, and as a choir-"The Treble Makers"-they sing regularly during the worship services. Singing is an ideal way for children to participate in worship, and to share the songs they've learned with family and friends. Parents are encouraged to contact the music director about the children's music program, as well as to stay at the beginning of Sunday School each week to observe.

Children will be using rhythm instruments, props, hand motions, and learning some simple signing to complement their vocal accomplishments.



St. Paul's invites all those who enjoy praising the Lord in song to join our choir. Anyone from seventh grade to their seventieth year and beyond is welcome! You do not have to be a soloist, or read music, to participate in raising our collective voices in praise and thanksgiving. We welcome all to come and make a joyful noise. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00.

Bell Choir

The Bell Choir, "The Joyful Ringers," rehearses on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:00. Please join us. All are welcome regardless of experience or ability level. You will be taught the basic techniques, and if you can count, you can ring! Music reading is not required.

Praise Band

The Praise Band is open to all musicians and singers who would like to join in contemporary worship opportunities. Rehearsals are scheduled around performance and scheduled services.

Special Music

Adults and older teens who are accomplished instrumentalists are invited to participate in accompanying choirs or congregational singing, and providing solo or group performances for special occasions and during the choir's summer hiatus. Please contact the music director to volunteer to discuss sharing your musical talents.

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