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1st Wednesday of month       

The Stitchers gather to assemble and stitch blankets for Lutheran World Relief and have also created a quilt for the narthex with the names of our congregation members. Each month they provide lunch for the residents of the Safe Harbor shelter in Easton. Everyone enjoys a social morning and leaves with a feeling of accomplishment.




1st Monday of month

Coordinator: Janet Marshall     

A group of people from our congregation support the Meals-on-Wheels program. Teams of drivers and runners work together once a month to provide two meals to shut-ins. The driver uses his or her own personal vehicle to transport the meals and the runner. The runner takes the meals from the car to the shut-in's home. New team members are always welcome!

Safe Harbor

Various times throughout the year, a group of church volunteers will organize and prepare a full meal for the residents at Safe Harbor Shelter.

Food Pantry at St. Paul

There is a year-round collection area in the Narthex set up to collect various non-perishable food items as well as a pot for monetary donations. Volunteers from the congregation will periodically deliver the items to the Food Bank.

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