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Vacation Bible School

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Marketplace 29AD

The end of June was very busy when we combined with Arndt’s and Hope Lutheran churches to present a joint Vacation Bible School. Seventy-nine children were brought back to the year 29 A.D. to the time Jesus began his ministry. Each “tribe” traveled together to experience the busy marketplace with daily stories, music, crafts, games and snacks.

The mission project of the week brought in over $220 to donate to families in Puerto Rico who were devastated by Hurricane Maria nine months ago. These donations will assist with the rebuilding of and replacing roofs on homes and buildings.

Over 35 youth and adults helped out with preparations, setting-up or working with the children throughout the week! We were blessed with so many hands pitching in to make this experience meaningful! Thank you to everyone who donated money for bread, bought t-shirts, and helped buy craft supplies. Thank you to all who spent the week with us and watched it all come together. It was a memorable week for all involved!


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